WHO DO I THINK I AM? You are  not a real director! You do not  have any Movies in theaters! How will you sale yourmusic without a record Deal?! You can not  actually Act! You also don't have the "LOOK" of what an Artist or "Rapper" should be! All of these negative thoughts have held me back for some time now. Magically  Who knew that I had a "middle Finger" that could erase all of these thoughts at a blink of an eye!! I am creative!  I have the freedom to express my art In any way that I choose! I will no longer hide by monikers, or nicknames to separate my art from my normal life! My ART is MY LIFE! I think everybody has questioned what is my name. Is it Melvin or Malvin? I even was pulled

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© Artist, Director, Visionary, Creative Machine #Grind4More #Kinglish