WHO DO I THINK I AM? You are  not a real director! You do not  have any Movies in theaters! How will you sale yourmusic without a record Deal?! You can not  actually Act! You also don't have the "LOOK" of what an Artist or "Rapper" should be! All of these negative thoughts have held me back for some time now. Magically  Who knew that I had a "middle Finger" that could erase all of these thoughts at a blink of an eye!! I am creative!  I have the freedom to express my art In any way that I choose! I will no longer hide by monikers, or nicknames to separate my art from my normal life! My ART is MY LIFE! I think everybody has questioned what is my name. Is it Melvin or Malvin? I even was pulled over and the cop asked me what was my name. While holding my license. Hey I'm just glad he didn't shoot my ass then I wouldn't be writing this blog.(LOL) Seriously  This has been a question  even I have wrestled with myself.  While I was in Highschool everybody that was close to me called me Melvin and my teachers, and associates called me Malvin. Everybody that looks at my name written  tries to make it familiar to them. So ultimately I thought Melvin was always better. When I was younger I would even write my name As Melvin on my assignments. My mom would absolutely  hate that! She would say your name is Spelled with an "A" NOT with an "E"!!

Now fast forward to me doing music I have always gone different monikers. Since I started at the Age of 16. I never thought about going under my own actual name until I had a performance in my hometown. During this time me and my brother recorded an Album together and I used the name Hitman Hearns. We have performed several times at home so this was nothing new. We also did a radio interview that same day which I was introduced as Hitman Hearns. When we showed up to the venue I noticed that our names was on the billboard my brother's name as his moniker "King Hearns" and my name but not as my moniker my actual Name MALVIN! This surprised and I was taken back. So it's cool I'm like whatever no big deal. We get into the venue and the DJ is actually calling me by my name! I'm like why is this dude calling me by my actual damn name tonight! He never done this before. So literally it's like this light bulb when off in my head! There is a bunch of rappers with unique/ NoN normal names taleb kweli, Wale, hell even Kanye! Literally all these ideas came rushing to my head on what I should do next. Embracing myself the name that people will make fun of MALLL VIN and making it dope as hell till you have no choice but to respect it! This is no moniker you can't say I'm acting all you can say that finally after all these years he is being himself not Melvin but MALVIN!

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