Last week we celebrated my Son’s Kai’s First birthday! Seeing him grow so fast literally made me wish I could slow down time. Just to only watch him smash his cake one more time. Lately I have been having moments like this very often. At one point in time, to me that was just a word marked by Hours, minutes, and seconds. Although I would love to stop time, I would be robbing the future. The great moments that me my family, and friends have not seen. I’m pretty sure I’m going to want to stop those moments too. The past although it seems far away is just a memory away! Immortalized by the brain. This is another reason why I fell in love with filmmaking. I did that tribute to my son (See video below) so he can watch For years to come long after I’m gone. You never know it might last long enough for his future child to see. What I do with my time now can possibly not just out live me but my impact can be felt for generations. My son can get a glimpse of what that moment felt like. In time I might give him knowledge that he can pass on. Film gives me a chance when I’m old and grey to watch repeatedly on a loop and feel like I’m a new father all over again. I wish I could go back and see my dad holding me up in the pool! My mom telling jokes and speaking at church. My brothers and sister telling me about how much of a bad kid I was. Us arguing about who the best basketball player in the family is. If I was able to see these moments I would probably watch those tapes everyday. I didn’t have the chance to do that in the past but now I do. Me and my family have even more special memories to come. My son will be blessed to see that I did not just love him but I cherished our time together. Time is tremendously more valuable than money! Spending time with the people you love and value is priceless! Some would probably pay millions just to get time back! Unfortunately it doesn’t work like that! You can’t save it, You can’t cheat it! Time will slip through your hands like grains of sand! You can’t save it, but you can Waste it! What does time mean to you?


Quotes about Time

“Time is what we Want most but what we use worse”- William penn “The greatest Gift you can give someone is your Time. Because when you give your time you are giving a portion of your life that you will never get back” “Time isn’t the main thing, it’s the only thing” - Miles Davis 

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