“Find your purpose or your wasting Air”! Powerful words spoken by the late and great Nipsey Hussle! His music touched many and if that didn’t touch you his contributions to his community, and ideas on continuing to stay in the race despite life’s many challenges did. I remember when his album "Victory Lap"came out. Admittedly I did not purchase it. I was writing my own music at the time, and I try to not listen to too many artist so I can focus on my own material. I remember my friend Ryan played it to me. After hearing the few tracks in his car. I thought to myself this actual sounds like a classic! After his passing I listened to his album and he gave so much knowledge on the album. The best line he said in my opnion was about finding your purpose. “Find your purpose or your wasting Air”! It’s so strong many live life and never truly find their purpose. Just imagine if only air was currently and you had to prove your worth. We have been fooled to believe that only a few of us in the world are special and the rest have to settle to only find a good quote on quote “job”. That line was the nail! It spoke volumes however what he said afterwards was the hammer! “Find your purpose or your wasting Air, F**K IT MAN YALL NI*** SCARED! This sounds like he is SICK and TIRED of telling the people around him that he knows that is living beneath their worth to live their own dream! He knows that it’s a waste because so many people is scared and live in fear. Their parents and friends and most importantly failures have made them settle to do things safe! BE PRACTICAL! Be average! Scared to show to much of themselves on social media! Scared they might become too popular. Scared to death of success but desire what the successful obtain! Why take the risk doing something you love right? When you can work everyday and still hate your life but be safe and comfortable! I heard a quote that says you will either live your dream or help someone else live their dream! If you believe that your purpose is to go on Indeed.com everyday ,and only look for the job that’s paying the highest salary! More power to you! Please prove me wrong! Tell me how much you love your “Work” because of the money. Lie to yourself everyday and forget about what you actual enjoy doing. I recently heard the question who is the Nipsey hussle in your neighborhood? ITS YOU! Everybody has the potential to be Nipsey! You have to first let go of fear and elevate your thinking! Nipsey would have told you that his self! Why do you think he even said the line about purpose in the first place. He knows it doesn’t stop with just him! You’re just as special! The only difference is Nipsey and Other great Individuals believed in themselves and became obsessed with not being Average! Take the Risk! Go All in on all of your talents! I can talk about this all day but the last thing I want t to say is this. When you people usually think about what is their purpose. They usually put aside their talents and gifts and think about their love ones or family. My purpose is for me to be the best Version of myself for them! YOU OWE IT TO THEM! if your still denying your true self guess what? Your not living your purpose! Eliminating fear each day and continuing the Marathon! Again FIND YOUR PURPOSE AND STOP WASTING AIR!


Quotes on purpose “There is no Greater Agony than telling an untold story inside you” -Maya Angelou “The mystery of human existence lies not in just staying alive but finding something to live for!” -Fyodor Dostoyevsky “For I know that you can do All things no Purpose of yours can be thwarted” Job 42:2

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