Let me be honest. Writing this blog on this particular subject was tough I fought for many days on how I should start it. What should I say or not say, or should I write it at all? Do I even have the time to write it? As hours and days started to pile up it hit me. I was making Excuses! Excuses start off very small but can grow over time but the more you use excuses the more they start to sound like a lie. We are all guilty of making excuses. I have had several excuses hold me back unknowingly for years. “If only I had enough I could do this”! “I’m just not Inspired I’m looking for inspiration”! Debatably the most dangerous excuse of them all is, “I will Take care of it tomorrow”. “Tomorrow is not promised”, is such a cliche quote until it hits home. Till you get to a point to we’re all those wasted opportunities you wish you could have done you can’t get back. Until you see friends and family leave without reaching everything they could have been. Excuses will have you waking up in a pile of guilt and regret while your purpose and dreams is in another country. I’m not perfect but I don’t use that as an excuse to not try to be the best I can be. I’m constantly battling each excuse I come up with and replace them with solutions. What is your excuse? Do you say? It’s just the way I am and I will never change? Excuses can be guArded lies to keep yourself comfortable. Never let excuses stop your growth. Go reach those dreams that might feel so far away in your life physically and mentally. Just promise me that you won’t use not having a passport as an excuse! Quotes on Excuses “Excuses are seldom Truthful, Often Handy, and rarely productive” -Rhoberta Shaler. The heart has its reasons but the mind makes excuses -Amil Abraham “Excuses are a powerful thing One excuse can negate 100 opportunities” -Bobby Darne

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