Are you suffering from "Quarantine Dream Syndrome"

when every day seems like it’s the same day all over again? Is your life

pretty much turning into a 4D virtuality game? Is coronavirus or what you educated folks like to call it Covid -19 just a glitch in the Matrix? Although I have been said to look like Morpheus played by the Great Lawrence Fishbourne.

I don’t have the answers to these questions at all!

All I know is that regardless the year 2020 is still here.

I’ll admit before all this happened my year was starting off great. I was booking video gigs, making new music and even had a speaking engagement in the works. Next thing I knew I was watching Teddy Riley and Baby Face two weeks in a row battle on Instagram live (which was an epic battle by the way), While attending work meetings in my boxers, eating a cup of ramen noodles.

I’m in introvert at heart so this hasn’t been all bad for me but I have had days and moments that I just wanted to sleep, to get my mind away from everything and for me that’s not always good because it can keep me in a depressed state. Depression is a Silent Killer.

Mental health is a really a concern for a lot of people going through this time. Connecting with love ones can help and also take time to connect with yourself. Learn new ways to cope with Depression, Anger and Grief. Use this time to maybe work on a passion Project. Currently I am working on Launching my own personal Podcast. which will talk about Mental health Motivation and the culture. I also have been able to focus on being a co host with our current podcast Royal Tea.

Try your best to Self reflect daily. After this is all over with and one day it will be. Try to see yourself in the future and think are you taking steps now towards that vision.

I can’t wait for y’all to hear my podcast but I also can’t wait to see what you all have in store for the world. That speaking engagement was for me and my sister to talk to senior athletes for signing day. Those plans were canceled but we made the most of it and was granted to make a video instead. While trying to search for speeches and quotes I stumbled on to A commencement speech given by Jim Carey. He said his dad could have been a comedian but he choose to play it safe and get a desk job. When he was 12 he said his dad was laid off from that job and him and his family struggled. He learned from his dad that day that even if you play it safe you can fail. Currently due to the virus millions are out of jobs in fact my job just recently laid off almost 100

Employee. Jim said if you’re going to fail at least fail at something you love. I want to teach this to my son who had to celebrate his 2nd birthday but of course he made the most of it.

While we are on Quarantine locked away in our 4 walls. Continue to check on your friends. Self reflect on your journey. Don’t forget you are on Quarantine but dreams don’t have to be!


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